General Coaching Information (Petawawa Minor Hockey)

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General Coaching Information

Volunteer coaches are the life of Minor Hockey in Petawawa. Your donated time and effort directly impacts the enjoyment of the sport of hockey and builds positive lifelong memories for the children on your teams.


Chain of Command

It is important to follow the chain of command to allow for the proper individual to help solve any conflicts at the lowest possible level. Please see below for the appropriate chain of command for conflicts/complaints:

House League

Parent -> Manager -> Head Coach -> Convenor -> House Director -> Risk and Fair Play


Parent -> Manager -> Head Coach -> Rep Director -> Risk and Fair Play


Parent -> Manager -> Head Coach -> House/Rep Director -> Petawawa Referee in Chief (District Referee in Chief for non-Petawawa Officials)

Affiliating Players

Hockey Eastern Ontario Affiliation Policy
Hockey Eastern Ontario Player Affiliation Form

Timekeeping Information

Timekeepers are a crucial part of every hockey game. An experienced time keeper can allow the player to dictate the pace of the game, while inexperienced timekeepers can inadvertently slow down momentum and cause frictions on the ice. It is important to note that timekeepers are considered Off-ice Officials by the Hockey Canada Rule Book and are to be treated with the same respect as On-Ice Officials during the game.

Timekeeper Information Sheet
Time Clock Instruction

Coaching Resources

Prosmart Hockey Learning System
Hockey Canada Drill Hub
Hockey Canada Network
Respect in Sport for Coaches