Volunteer Screening (Petawawa Minor Hockey)

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Volunteer Screening

NOTE: There is a new VSS letter for the OPP. Do not submit any copies of the old letter as it has been turned back by the OPP's new screening contractor for lack of information.

What is screening?

Screening is an on-going process designed to identify any person (volunteer or staff) who may harm children or vulnerable persons. Volunteer screening serves two main purposes:

1. to create and maintain a safe environment
2. to ensure an appropriate match between volunteer and task

Though a relatively new concept, volunteer screening is being adopted by a growing number of organizations. The process includes assessing risk, writing position descriptions, discerning suitability of an individual for a given task, providing training and, when necessary, modifying the setting and arrangement of task.

Volunteers frequently have a highly public role on behalf of a non-profit organization; they are persons that individuals dealing with the non-profit organization see first and most often. We can manage several risks by effectively screening, evaluating and placing volunteers.

Why screen?

Any organization that provides programs to vulnerable people has an obligation to appropriately screen people who for them, including volunteers. Screening is not only the right thing to do; it is legally required under the principle of “Duty of Care.”

Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Screening

All Team Bench Staff and Volunteers must have a Criminal Record Check - Vulnerable Sector Screening within the last 3 years before participating in any Minor Hockey activities. Once returned to you, your stamped CRC-VSS paperwork can be forwarded to [email protected] and your document will be retained on file.

Residents who live in the Town of Petawawa can visit the OPP website linked here http://opp.ca/recordchecks and follow the instructions to submit their no-cost volunteer application. Print and fill in the Association request letter, linked below, with the date,
your name and your volunteer position. Simply scan or photograph your filled in letter and attach it with your application.

2023 GPMHA VSS Request Letter

The OPP will not accept in-person applications unless you fall under exceptions listed on the website.

Residents that live on the Canadian Forces Base can visit the Military Police Station on Somme Rd., CFB Petawawa.  You will need this letter and proof of residence within the PMQs.  

Military Police CPIC Letter