Dressing Room Policy (Petawawa Minor Hockey)

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Dressing Room Policy


At least two adults shall be present in the dressing room at all times. Violation of this policy will result in disciplinary measures.

There will be no smoking, drinking of alcohol beverages or illegal substances allowed during any GPMHAI on ice activities or in the dressing rooms.

REF: HEO Policies, 6.1 Portable Digital Devices, Para iv. Guidelines, Rev. 3 April 2019

“…The use of any form of camera, video camera, phone camera or other portable digital device for the use of taking photos, video recordings or audio recordings is prohibited in any recreational change rooms….It is the team officials responsibility to monitor and control the use of such devices…”

Co-Ed Dressing Rooms

At the Atom level and below, mixed genders may change in the same room at the same time with the presence of two adults. Teams at the Pee Wee level and higher are to utilize the following procedures:

  1. When separate change areas or facilities exist for both male and females participants, males and females shall make use of these separate facilities. It is the responsibility of the coach to ensure all players are involved in both the pre-game and post-game activities;

  2. If the facility does not have separate change areas available, teams shall address the issue by having the players dress, undress and shower in shifts. It is the responsibility of the team to ensure the safety of individual players when they are dressing, undressing and showering; and

  3. If options 1 and 2 are unavailable, not possible or unmanageable, than individual teams shall be free to relax these rules/guidelines to address the needs of all participants if the team agrees with an alternate plan.
For a co-ed dressing room arrangement to exist at the Pee Wee Level or higher, teams may identify an alternate arrangement provided:

  1. it provides a safe and manageable sporting environment;

  2. there is acceptance of the arrangement and signed consent by ALL parties involved including coaches, team officials, players, parents/guardians and the association/league; and

  3. a copy of the alternate arrangement along with all supporting Documentation be forwarded to the GPMHAI Risk and Safety Director for review.