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GPMHAI Player On-Ice Volunteers


Volunteering as an On-Ice Helper

We understand that each year more and more players are interested in volunteering within the GPMHA minor hockey program, and that some of these volunteers are young adults wanting to collect high school volunteer hours, and/or are looking to take on a different role within hockey. It has become evident in recent years that older Minor Hockey players partake in practices with teams of lower divisions to assist and volunteer within their association.

It is important to stress, that team officials are to utilize sound judgment when selecting a young person as an on-ice helper. These decisions must be made from a developmental and supportive perspective. We want these “helpers” to provide assistance to the other team officials, while gaining knowledge and experience of a teaching type role. This is not designed as an opportunity for players to get extra ice time.

Individuals looking to volunteer as an on-ice helper within the GPMHA must be either be a “registered” player of a Minor Hockey Association or register as a member for the team Bench Staff. This ensures that the insurance coverage has been secured.

Registered Players Looking to be an On-Ice Helper

All on–ice helpers must be at least 12 years of age and be at least one age group higher than the team they are assisting.

On-ice helpers must either be on a GPMHA team list as a player (no Speak Out required) and wear full hockey gear while with the team, or have the required certification and be placed on the official team roster for the team they are assisting. 

Any player assisting with a team that will not be listed on the official roster must obtain approval from the Registrar.  Players/Guardians and Coaches will be required to sign the GPMHA On-Ice Helper Rules and Regulations document prior to being allowed on the ice to help.  

It is recommended that if the registered player volunteering as an On-Ice Helper is 16 years of age or older, they obtain their speak Speak Out Certification.

On Ice Helper Form